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Biblical Reproductions - Book of Enoch

I have written 2 posts about Biblical Reproductions: Products & Website, so I will not go over old details. Today's final post on the company is about the specific product I received to review. I confess that I expected them to send one of the less expensive products and was happily anticipating an ancient Hebrew oil lamp reproduction.

When the flat box arrived, I knew that there would be no oil lamp, but my curiosity level raised considerably! I carefully opened the package and saw that it was one of the Dead Sea Scroll reproductions. Okay, there were several that I saw that had special meaning to me, so I eagerly looked to find I had received a portion of the Book of...Enoch. ENOCH??!!?? I knew who Enoch was, of course, but I was 100% certain I had never read that book in MY Bible.

 As I stared at the Certificate of Authenticity approved by the Israeli Antiquities Authority, I was also trying to gather scraps of memory that were beginning to surface, calling my son (who I was certain would have some knowledge), and quickly doing a Google search (yes, I am a multi-tasker!) As I begin to read (and hear) stories of WatchersNephilim, and fallen angels, I did vaguely remember a few stories from a childhood Sunday School class and a couple of books I had read long ago, but I still wondered why I had received this particular parchment.

Then, I realized that a theme of many conversations I have about movies and books is that they are excellent conversation starters about Christianity and sharing your belief system. I also love those that make me think and want to go more indepth. Even if something is a bit controversial, I tend to be more on the side of finding out what it is about: the negatives, the positives, and why I believe what I do. So, what could be more perfect for me to receive but The Book of Enoch.

Although I am not a huge fan of many of the documentaries found on the History Channel, I did find this link that is a bit more descriptive than anything I have space to tell...

I also came across several posts of interest on the Biblical Reproductions website under Blog: Enoch. Son of Cain, Part 1Enoch, Whom God Took Away, Part 2, and Enoch, Hero of Jewish Literature, Part 3. I did find out that the reproduction I have is from Chapter 6, and that it is unique because until the discovery of the Dead Sea scrolls, the Book of Enoch was only preserved in Ethiopic and Greek. This is the only known copy of Book of Enoch in Aramaic. For more info about this particular piece, read the production description for The Enoch Scroll.


If you decide that you would like to purchase one of these items for your home, church, or office, you can use the code below. You will then be eligible to receive a piece of pottery of your choice. 

Coupon Code - CNCWA14
If you want to buy any of the scrolls, put in coupon code (CNCWA14), specify which pottery reproduction piece you would like in the Notes field and they send it to you. Same applies to all the inscriptions and the Crucified man. You cannot purchase a pottery reproduction and get another one, but if you purchase 2 or 3 eligible items, you will get 2 or 3 pottery pieces respectively.

Whether you decide to go with a more unique item
or with one more familiar, you will definitely have an item that will start conversations. can get one of these oil lamps!!

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 I was given this opportunity due to my participation as a CWA Review Crew member. Thank you CWA and Biblical Reproductions!!

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