Saturday, July 31, 2010

What it Feels Like by FFH - Exodus wilderness photos

This seems like the theme song of my life...

In Christ Alone - Newsboys

Google Search

I just found this when I typed my name in Google!! That is cool!! Now maybe I will quit losing it!! Plus it is the first time I have ever googled me and found me! :) Yeah, I am easily entertained!!

You know what is even cooler than Google finding a part of me? The CREATOR of the Entire Universe knows my name and where to find me at all times!!! I am awed by the fact that He knows me...............every thing there possibly is to know about me........and He still loves me and wants to spend time with me.

He knows where you are, but do you know how to find Him?      1 Chronicles 28:9 says that if you seek Him, you will find Him!! We may try to hide from Him, but He never hides from us. It is so simple:

The greatest story ever told, God left His throne in heaven and made Himself man, lived on earth with us and gave up His life nailed on a cross. He then rose from the grave 3 days later and is alive in His throne. Whosoever shall believe in Him and confess Him as saviour shall have everlasting life.

(The above was copied from the status of my friend, Jonathan Matamoros. Thanks, Jonathan!)

If you have any questions, please let me know!! If I can't answer them, I promise to find someone who can help you!



Wednesday, July 28, 2010


I just found out about this incredible new film! BEYOND THE FARTHEST STAR,& from what I have read and seen, it will change faith-based films forever! Here's the deal, the only way it will get into cinemas is for us believers to Demand It through their website. Make sure you also become a fan on their FB page! Let's make sure this film changes lives!

Teenage Angst

As I am sleepily sitting here trying to wait on my friend Leonard's church service to come online (17 hour time difference between Cullman and Auckland is not working in my favor!) , I thought I would try to remember some stuff I was thinking about this weekend.

Saturday night my teenage granddaughter spent the night with me and brought her new Justin Beiber cd. Frankly, I have never heard him before. Honestly, I am good if I never hear him again. First of all, Caitlyn is not suffering teenage angst.....she just played a song REPEATEDLY that I could not stop myself from mocking. The overly dramatic "That Should Be Me" reminded me of myself as a young teenager totally besotted with a neighborhood boy. I probably would have liked this song at 14.....although I am happy to report bubblegum pop was soon replaced with much better music!

Back to my point: between 14 & 16, I thought my life would be over forever because of one boy whom I adored who did not return my affections. I can probably trace my obsessive tendencies back to this time in my life!! :) He and I were friends, and hung out with the same group of people....but I wanted to be special. I just knew I would love him forever. The day he moved out of state was a day of deep mourning for me.

Flash forward 38 years and to the various areas people search for one another. In this case, it was Classmates. I was excited to see that a couple of high school friends had left messages for me, including my best friend!! There was also one from a boy I used to hang out with named Herb. Within days, I received an email that reconnected me with my long-lost unrequited love!! For a moment or 2 too, I must admit that some of the giddiness and angst of those young years returned!!

Rick and sent a flurry of emails back and forth catching up with each other, and laughing at our memories of high school. Oddly enough, he had never realized that the reason I dated all of his friends was because I wanted to spend more time with HIM! What's up with not totally getting THAT signal!! It made sense in high school!! There was even a small flutter of both joy and dismay to realize that he DID like me back then. I guess a person never is fully over that first love.

For those who wonder if this turned into a happily-ever-after fairy We are friends who sometimes email several times a day and sometimes go weeks without writing. Things that were important to me at 15 are meaningless at 55. For one thing, he and I do not share the same faith. I wish I had always realized how important that is. We grew up, grew apart, and I am content with the bittersweet memories of loving a young boy......who was apparently clueless.

Although I could...and should....make a point of all of this, I guess I am just remembering a simpler time and how earth-shaking it seemed 40 years ago. I know now that time does heal and the sad memories can become treasured ones. But if I did not learn anything else in life, there is this valued lesson: I have learned to trust in the Lord and wait patiently for Him.,

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Always Saved?

This morning a friend posted her thoughts about seeing a Christian friend doing something that was not Christ-like. It brought up the question of salvation and rejection all over again for me.

I am Baptist. I have always heard, "Once Saved, Always Saved". When I hear the sermons on it, it makes perfect sense. Of course my child is always my matter what he/she has done. No matter how saddened or angered or embarrassed I may get by behavior, I love my children, grandchildren, and other family members and friends. Goodness knows my feet don't even hit the floor some mornings before I have sinned in my thoughts or actions. I know that God will forgive me just as soon as I ask. He even forgets!!!!! He never holds grudges or reminds me, "You just did that! Will you ever learn?"

 Then, there is the question of lifestyle choices. When I see someone who claims to be a Christian, but continues to live in a manner unpleasing to God, is that person still saved? There is a difference in making a mistake and quickly repenting and making the decision each and every day to commit the same sin. God does not see the "degrees" of sin we see.....I imagine.....but it is still a puzzle to me.

Finally, there is the category of people who claim to no longer believe. Are they still saved" Or does that fall under the category of, "They were obviously never saved to begin with!"? I know, and love, several who either outright reject the faith they once embraced or admit that they believe everything the Bible says about Jesus, but no longer consider themselves a follower of Christ. After all, even the demons believe....and tremble! (James 2:19) I sometimes get this bizarre picture of a person who once was a Christian being dragged off to heaven...kicking and a voice admonishes, "BUT YOU SAID THE WORDS!!"

 I wish I knew the answer. I am certainly not the judge of these people, but I do feel a responsibility toward praying for them, at least. Confrontational styles do not work on me and I am certainly not comfortable with behaving that way toward others. For now, I can only pray that hardened hearts, clogged ears, and blinded eyes may once again recognize The Truth.. If anyone else has thoughts on this, I would be happy to hear them. Until then, I will be on my knees crying out to the God of Mercy to allow me to see them repent and come running back into His forgiving, welcoming embrace!!!


Monday, July 19, 2010

Sleepless Night

Another night with hardly no sleep. Part of it was from playing around with this......still have no clue what I am doing!! But another part was nightmares about a friend. Why do people make such poor choices, especially when they know the Truth? There are several people I know and love who are making decisions which break my heart. This nightmare was about a particular friend and how choices made destroyed so many lives, including his own. But it could have been about any of the others who are on my daily prayer list.

I can just imagine how we must daily break the heart of God. He continues to love us, but we are guilty of mocking Him, ignoring Him, or trying to make Him into a personal god of our own making. Do you really want a god who is just a "good ol' boy" who is willing to overlook our sins? Or, a cosmic Santa Claus who provides our material wishes.....whether we have been naughty or nice? I want a God who loves me enough to hold me up to higher expectations. One who will love me and forgive me, but wants me to give Him my best. I worship and serve the God who loves me too much to let me stay where I am right now.

Sunday, July 18, 2010


The more I explore this, the more confused I am!! However, God blessed me with curiosity and the desire to learn new things. This should be fun...eventually! :)

I Found It Again!!

I accidentally stumbled onto my blog again!! I really wish I could figure this out. Many days I have nothing to say, but there are others when I could write for hours.

The past few weeks have been interesting...and sad. Prayers for friends who are struggling with various issues lay heaviest on my heart. Yet I have also found joy as new friendships grow stronger. My birthday was a few days ago, and the dozens of people who wished me a happy birthday on Facebook, email, phone cards, and a variety of other ways really touched me. God is truly blessing me!!

Well....until I find this page again!! :)