Friday, February 14, 2014

Biblical Reproductions - The Website

Last week I talked about the products available from Biblical Reproductions, and this week I am reviewing the website. Located at, it opens to a slide show of some of their featured products, but I was even more impressed with the easy access to other sources. Whether you want to read articles written about them or want to click on the sections that are lined up across the top, each brings you a wealth of information.

The Shop is divided into categories including scrolls, pottery, and unique discoveries. I loved an added benefit to just looking at prices and photos, though. Say you were intrigued by the photo of the miniature Dead Sea Scrolls jar. When you click on the photo, you get a more indepth description of the product, but also more historical detail of the original. I loved learning more about each product that is available.

For history buffs, the blog is another great source of information. With topics ranging from Qumran to Masada to Pontius Pilate and more, you are given a deeper understanding and background of certain pieces associated with history. There is also a Q&A for any questions you may have concerning the reproductions.

Another section I found of interest was one entitled Raise Funds. If there is a way they can help you use their products as a fund-raiser, you can contact them. It is good to know that this is a company that not only wants to shed light on the antiquities and Biblical history, but also want to shine light on present day needs that need help. I think that is why one of my favorite pieces is their replica oil lamps.

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I was given this opportunity due to my participation as a CWA Review Crew member. Look for part 2 of my review next week.

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