Friday, November 23, 2012

Gift Of A Servant by Tamara Amos

A father waits up on Christmas Eve night to demand retirement from the hero of his childhood, Santa Claus. The same saint who used to symbolize Christmas spirit is now plastered on advertisements everywhere, driving shoppers into holiday hysteria! Dear old Dad makes a mistake, however, by forgetting what every child knows: that when Santa comes in the night with a bag full of surprises, he always leaves the perfect gift.

Gift Of A Servant
is a glimpse into the soul of one of the most celebrated and beloved saints of our time. It is a journey into the heart of his mission to bestow God’s love upon His children, and an invitation to join him in this holy quest.

Enter in with an expectant heart to receive the gift Santa Claus has prepared for you!
from the publisher)

If you are looking for a faith-based book to read to a child in your life, here is a new one that is currently only available in limited quantities. Some of the words are more difficult for young readers, although I am delighted to see a book that is not limited to the most simple vocabulary; I considered that a huge plus as I read through the book. On the negative, some of the syntax seems off a bit. It is reminiscent of the Twas The Night Before Christmas poetic style throughout most of the book, but the meter and structure are missing in parts.

What is most important to me, though, is the message of the tale. In a culture that is becoming increasingly commercial, the birth of the Christ Child and the gift He is to each of us is getting lost. Some want to ignore or downplay that Christmas is a celebration of the birth of Christ and there are others who want no hint of Santa in the message of Christmas and see him as a form of adversary. Instead of making this Jesus vs. Santa Claus, Mrs. Amos weaves a tale of Santa as a servant of Christ who wants to share His love rather than the symbol of consumerism or as being the "reason for the season" himself. I love the way you can use this book to teach your child that we are each here to spread the love of Jesus to others and using Santa as an example.

Visit the  Mystical Rose Inspirations website to find out more and to place an order for this beautiful book. It has a deluxe padded hardcover with gold foil embossing & laminate cover. The size is 8.5x11, it has 40 pages. Also, please make sure you Like Gift Of A Servant on Facebook. The newly released trailer I have embedded below will you a better idea of the story and allow you to see some of the beautiful illustrations by David W. Luebbert. I think will soon become a treasured book to be read each Christmas season for generations to come.

In compliance with federal guidelines, I want to say that I received a copy of this book to use for review purposes. No expectations or promises were made of a positive review.


deborahseeley54 said...

This book sounds awesome!!! Would love to give it to my grandchildren!

Debra Brown said...

I have eleven grandkids and #12 is due in February, so I would love to have a copy of this to read to all of them.