Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Fragile World DVD

 Fragile World, written and directed by Sandy Boikian ("Leaving Limbo"), is the story of a lonely interior decorator with a history of delusions who falls in love with a charming stranger. The question is...is he real or a product of her imagination? Starring Alexa Jansson (Rosalie), Noelle Perris (Britt), Benjamin Keepers (August), Marco Aiello (Fitz), and Chad Bishop (Logan), and produced by Lisa Boore Lambert, this film keeps you guessing as it explores the world of mental breakdowns and delusions.

Britt & Rosalie
Sandy Boikian has come through with yet another film that captures my imagination, makes me think, and thoroughly entertains. Leaving Limbo was quirky and fun, but I did not see how she would pull it off again with Fragile World and the serious subject matter. I have watched this film several times now, and pick up things I missed in each viewing. The twists and turns of the story keep you guessing throughout the entire film. Each actor brings another layer, with the main characters giving nuances that build to the suspense of reality and their own conceptions of what is happening. Even the minor ones are vital to giving clues to what is going on. Later you look back and realize that your initial response may have been incorrect. 

Rosalie & August
Rosalie is under so many burdens that suicide seems to be the only solution until she has a chance encounter with August. They don't actually speak, but that spark of interest they each find causes her to make a decision to live. When they do finally run into each other and talk, both quickly fall in love and Rosalie finds a new joy in life. But that is when the viewer discovers that this is not a love story or a film about recovering from heartbreaking circumstances, but a puzzling mystery with pieces that don't quite fit the way we expected. 

Fitz and one of his fans
The first person we see in the film is Fitz, a musician who wants to be a star. Starting off as a character I don't have a favorable impression of, his is a prime example of things not always being what they seem. By the end of the film, I was another of his "adoring fans." By the way, actor/singer Marco Aiello, who plays Fitz has several songs on the soundtrack of the film. Another huge thing for my enjoyment of this film is that I loved the music!! A couple of times I wanted to rewind to hear songs again, but the entire soundtrack is fabulous.

Seriously, this is a multi-award winning film for good reason! I highly recommend it and can hardly wait to see what Sandy Boikian and Bruised Reed Productions will come out with next.

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Lisa Boore Lambert, Susan Kawashima, Noelle Perris, Willow Hale, Marco Aiello, Alexa Jansson, Sandy Boikian

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