Saturday, July 14, 2018

Hope of Nations - John S. Dickerson

In Hope of Nations, author John S. Dickerson, prize-winning investigative reporter, a frequent commentator, and pastor, offers a greater understanding of how and why the world is changing. In explaining the mindset of many of today's social justice warriors, Millennials in particular, Dickerson shows us where we are and where America appears to be heading. This will help many Christians know how to live like Christ in today’s society.
Political scandals, terrorist attacks, riots, and the bullying of those whom you disagree with politically are in the headlines daily. Before we can regroup from one disaster or area of division, another occurs. Each side seems to be completely blind to any point of view other than their own and truth is obscured, sometimes willfully, by the very ones whom we have always relied upon for an honest report of events. In these uncertain days, which often feel like the final days referred to in Scripture, we struggle to know which direction we will be heading in next. 

I have always considered myself to be a person willing to listen to other viewpoints, but calm discussions are becoming rare with the preeminence of keyboard warriors and nonstop coverage of world events via the internet. Dickerson's explanation of the mindset of younger, more liberal people did help me see things from their view a bit more clearly...even if I do still disagree. I have compared America to pre-World War 2 Germany many times, and the author and I are in agreement there. Since our perspectives are similar, many of the things he said made a lot of sense to me.

Calling this the Post-Truth Generation was clarifying, albeit sad, but did demonstrate that some changes have to be made within myself since what I see so clearly is missed by others younger than me. Overall I did really like the book and mentioned it several times on social media as I read. However, it also seemed to get a bit repetitive. I really liked it and do recommend it, but there were times I would have to lay it aside when things would run together a bit.

I received a copy of this book from Handlebar Marketing for review purposes. All opinions are my own and I was not required to give a positive review.

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

'Beyond' Birthday Giveaway

My birthday is this month and I want to celebrate by giving away a DVD copy of one of my favorite movies. Beyond the Farthest Star is an insightful story that centers on a family that is slowly being destroyed by the inside out due to lack of communication and long-buried secret. Pastor Adam Wells (Todd Terry) was once an internationally known child preacher who has now been reduced to a handful of parishioners since a move to the small town of Leonard, Texas. Maurene (Renee O'Connor), once the high school class valedictorian, now burys her dreams in romance novels and a bottle hidden in her closest, believing God is punishing her for past mistakes. Anne (Cherami Leigh) is attracted to self-harm as she struggles to find worth within herself and a place of her own in the world. When an angry former Senator (Andrew Prine) sets fire the the town's Nativity, the sparks ignite more than just the wooden statues. Lives are changed forever.

BTFS has universal themes that speak to all people and effectively weaves the idea that there is hope in spite of physical or emotional scars. This richly layered story shares a raw honest portrayal of transformation and restoration after hidden secrets are revealed and healing is allowed to begin. Elements of suspense, romance, and political intrigue are combined with multi-dimensional characters to present an escalating tension that intensifies to an explosive climax, and, ultimately, to a satisfying conclusion. This PG-13 rated film also stars Barry Corbin, Tyler Corie, Lou Beatty Jr., William McNamara, Jodie Moore, Shawn Roe, Andrew Sensenig and Jordan Ross. BTFS was written and directed by Andrew Librizzi and executive produced by Benjamin Dane, who also has the role of Sheriff Deputy Jimmy Wilkins.

The film also inspired an updated version of "Beauty For Ashes" by Crystal Lewis, a novel by Bodie and Brock Thoene, and a painting by Thomas Kinkade which was ultimately reimagined by his nephew Zac Kinkade due to Thom's unexpected death. To learn more about these products and Beyond the Farthest Star, go to 

The DVD is also ON SALE right now on Amazon!

To Enter, write #BeyondBirthday in a comment on a social media post (of this giveaway) or leave a comment on this blog post (they will have to be approved by me to be added--- crazy spammers have to be filtered). Deadline to enter is 5:00am CDT on July 13, 2018. Winner will be announced no later than 5pm CDT.