Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Let It Be Jesus ~ Christy Nockels CD

Recorded live at Passion City Church in Atlanta, GA, the first ever live album from Christy Nockels releases April 28. LET IT BE JESUS features a blend of old and new worship songs, along with a new recording of 'Let It Be Jesus.' Christy is a featured worship leader at Passion Conferences, which have seen hundreds of thousands of university students proclaim the name of Jesus. Along with her husband, producer Nathan Nockels (Passion, Matt Redman), Christy leads worship at Passion City Church.

Christy Nockels 3rd album, Let It Be Jesus, is very ballad heavy...which I happen to like. Music is an important form of worship for me, and I find that style more condusive. So, I wasn't sure if I would love the CD when it open with a very upbeat, "Freedom Song." "MY Anchor" was more in the style of what I prefer and I really did like it, and thought the following, "Everything is Mine in You." was fairly good.

BUT, when it came to "The Wondrous Cross," I fell in love with the CD. The album became more than just background music as I was doing other things. The song brought my focus on Jesus, and praising Him. "Let It Be Jesus" was an amazing follow-up song. I also loved, "If You Never."

"Leaning On You, Jesus" really spoke to me on a personal level. Leaning on Jesus and learning to trust Him more and more turn this song into a cry of the heart for me. For the album as a whole, there were a couple of songs that I kinda tuned out as they were playing, but it is a good one overall. Christy has a beautiful voice and I definitely enjoyed listening to this album.

S O C I A L • C O R N E R

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