Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Chasing God by Angie Smith

Maybe you’ve never asked the question out loud, but you’ve wondered. You do the things that look good on paper: read your Bible, pray, attend study groups and go to church on Sundays.

But you aren’t convinced you really know Him.

Angie Smith understands, because she had run circles around the same paths searching for Him, frustrated at her lack of progress. And she probably would have continued to do so had it not been for one realization that changed everything.

She wasn’t following God; she was trying to catch up with Him. 

And without realizing it, you may be as well.

It’s a distinction that affects every aspect of our lives with Christ, and it begins with learning where we’ve relied more on man’s explanation of God than God Himself.

So many requirements, so many rules, and so much guilt where there is supposed to be freedom. It’s the reason you wonder if you’ve measured up, and the nagging voice that tells you you’re a failure as a Christian.

Three simple words changed everything for Angie, and she believes they can do the same for you.

Stop chasing God. (back cover)

My Review: I really liked this book. Angie's style of writing made me feel like I was having a conversation with an old friend---a kindred spirit. We do share a mutual friend, Sarcasm, and this brought the topic to a level that I could relate to in many ways. This is not a formulaic plan to being a perfect Christian. Indeed, I am one of those who can easily get so caught up in the "rules" of what is expected of me that I will lose sight of keeping my eyes and focus on Jesus. This book is a reminder that we are not to measure ourselves against other believers, nor sit down with a list to check off the task we have completed---"Pray √, Read 3 Chapters of Bible √, etc." When we focus on the rules rather than the relationship with God, it is easy to become discouraged. If you are looking for a formal book on searching for God, this is not the book for you. However, if you like a conversational style, sprinkled liberally with humor, Chasing God is a deep, relaxing breath. I highly recommend it.

Disclosure: I received a free copy from Icon Media Group for review purposes.

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