Saturday, March 16, 2013

Brother White

David A.R. White, Reginald VelJohnson, Jackee Harry, and Ray Wise star with Bruce Davison and Victoria Jackson in this heartwarming fish out of water comedy. James White (White) is one of dozens of associate pastors at a mega church in Southern California under the tutelage of television evangelist Johnny Kingman (Wise). He always longed to have his own church and jumps at the opportunity to become pastor of the impoverished Divine Faith Apostolic Church in Atlanta. His wife (Andrea Logan White) and two children aren't very enthusiastic about his assignment. Neither is the congregation itself, but they will have to learn to trust each other and pull together to save the church from a corrupt banker anxious to foreclose. It will take a musical miracle, supplied by BeBe Winans himself, to save them all in this heartfelt, family-friendly comedy.

Brother White was a bit of a disappointment to me. I honestly do enjoy a "fish out of water" type comedy and had high hopes for this one. There are certainly moments that are a lot of fun, but this seems to have a bit of a rushed feeling to it. All of the cast and crew are in films I love, but this just wasn't quite up to what I usually find. I kept getting lost in the time frame. Did all of this happen in a week? There were just things that didn't make sense to me. I think it would be a fun television series, and the film could be revamped to set the stage...but too much was crammed into the film without a smooth flow. I really did laugh (in a good way!) but wish this one had been tweaked a bit better before being released.

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