Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Tis The Season...

Hunting, Gathering, Preparing
Which season? Depends who you are talking to, I guess. Last weekend was the opening of Hunting Season here, but we are now readying ourselves for Holiday Shopping Season!! Just think about it: avid fans are preparing to hunt, gather, and provide for their loved ones. And, of course, bragging about who bagged the biggest. I just see it as another weekend hearing all about racks, bags, early morning hunts, bucks, and doe/dough. Whether you are hunting for deer, a bargain, a parking space...or a leftover piece of pecan or pumpkin pie, this weekend will seem like the beginning of a rushed season. More and more store ads are popping up about shopping; Some even plan on starting as early as 8pm on Thanksgiving! One of the things I am most thankful for is that I will not be among them!! Due to the traumatic experience when my cousin, Debbie, convinced me to go along with her to check out the early specials at Walmart nearly 30 years ago...my shopping ends before Thanksgiving and I avoid stores until several days into the New Year...unless it involves necessary food or cleaning supplies. Truthfully, I pretty much avoid shopping anytime of the year. So many of my relatives could spend hours just browsing that I sometimes would ask if I was adopted! Apparently it was merely that my brother got both of our shares of the "shopping gene".

Thanks to the internet, online shopping has created "Cyber Monday" to go along with "Black Friday" (by the way, does anyone know if Saturday and Sunday have special names?), and that is more my style...if I MUST shop!! There are 3 things I like to take into consideration:
  1. Avoid Crowds! The internet may be busy too, but I can shop in an old pair of sweats ( or my sleepwear), and a pot of coffee nearby. Win/win!
  2. Save Money! Sales and coupons are a great way to cut the cost of items, and especially if it is for something you planned to buy anyway. There are coupons available to download.
  3.  Helping Others! This time of year, many in this country are preparing for a huge feast with family or friends, and we make it a point to remember our blessings. This often proves to be a time when charitable giving to others less fortunate rises tremendously. I feel that we are blessed so we can bless others.
Recently I was made aware of a group that combines all 3 of the above. Save1.com provides the opportunity to shop from home, save money, and help save lives!! Shoppers simply need to visit the Save1 website, type the name of any store in the search box, find the most relevant coupon or offer, and click "Use this Offer." Even if you love the thrill of the chase in stores, there are some things that are easier to track online!

Watch the video of Todd Smith of Save1.com explaining more about the company:

Family owned and operated, Save1 provides coupons and special offers from thousands of top online retailers on Black Friday, Cyber Monday and throughout the year---enabling shoppers to feed a hungry child with every offer redeemed. Incorporating the Save Money, Save Lives principle, Save1 donates the cost of a meal to one of its nonprofit partner organizations every time a shopper uses a coupon or special offer from the site. For more information, please visit http://save1.com.

LIKE Save1.com on Facebook and you will see that they are serious!! Explore their page and I believe you will be impressed! So, by all means, count your blessings and enjoy your shopping. God blesses us and we should enjoy His provision. However,  to also be able to share our blessing with others is a gift above no other. So happy hunting/shopping...and enjoy this special season in your life!!

And do not neglect doing good and sharing; for with such sacrifices God is pleased ~ Hebrews 13:16


Debra Brown said...

Believe it or not I now agree with every word that was posted.I panic to think about going shopping
. The crowd is the main problem. So Cindy we are both on the same wave length when it comes to holiday shopping.

Cindy said...

It took me enough years to get you to see things MY way!! LOL! You quickly learned to look for a bargain once you got married, but those Aycock "shopping genes" were apparently too good of a fit for a long time. Although, now that you are easing more to my warped sense of humor too...I may be going too far!! Not only are you a favorite cousin, but one of my best friends for more years than either of us care to mention. Love you!!