Saturday, November 24, 2012

Rose Of Sharon: Delusions Of Grandeur by Jeffrey Greer

Kindle edition
Truth is stranger than fiction, and small town life is the strangest truth of all. Finn Jackson and his wife Zelda have returned to Finn's hometown of Rose of Sharon, Alabama, to escape the city and return to the simple life. But simplicity is hard to find when you're surrounded by robot-obsessed conspiracy theorists, washed-up television actors and senior citizens convinced of the existence of two Alamos. Or Alami. Whatever. In Rose of Sharon, home may be sweet, but it's far from normal!

1. "No Dice": Hollywood, California comes to Rose Of Sharon, Alabama and the clash of culture is hysterical...yet believable. I feel like I am already friends with most of the people on both sides and this is a large part of the charm. The quirkiness of the small town residents and the self-importance of the celebrity visitors is not a new story, but is told in a delightful way that makes you want to be a part of it all.

2. "In Which I Unsuccessfully Attempt To Teach The World To Sing": Who doesn't remember this commercial?

In this story, one of the singers from that commercial has decided that she would like to teach the world her personal 3 parts. Will she and Finn Jackson find perfect harmony to collaborate on her biography? When he is hired to ghostwrite a book, Finn learns that the singer wants to share much more than a simple experience... and a Coke...with the world.

3. "Billy Wayne Grissom Is Gonna Kill Willie Nelson": For many years "Itsy" Grissom has kept her long friendship with Willie Nelson a secret from her jealous husband, Billy Wayne. But when she let her secret slip out during the Rose Of Sharon Baptist Women (ages 35-55) annual trip to Birmingham, it was only a matter of time before someone shared the story with her unsuspecting husband. The whole town fears the worst when it is learned that Willie Nelson will be headlining the annual City Stages event in Birmingham! When Rick and Bubba announce that Willie has been shot, the town immediately suspects Billy Wayne! And, just what part does Seven Spanish Angels have in all of this?
Southern humor and story-telling are an art form and one that is greatly appreciated by me. I literally laughed out loud as I read the 3 stories included in this much too short book by Jeffrey Greer (my new favorite fiction author!) and could not quit reading until I had finished the last word. If you have ever lived in north Alabama, this is a must have book and, even if you haven't, these stories are filled with characters you will not soon forget...and only reluctantly leave. You will want to read this yourself and to share the fun with friends and family. I will be waiting impatiently for my next visit to Rose Of Sharon, Alabama!!

Rose Of Sharon: Delusions Of Grandeur (Kindle edition) is available on Amazon.
If you don't own a Kindle, there is a free download available on Amazon for your computer or other devices. It's so simple, I figured out how to do it...and I am NOT tech-savvy at all!!

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