Friday, August 3, 2012

The Link Of Cullman County

Hey, I am asking for your support. Some of you may have seen that I am a part of a new non-profit in Cullman, AL called The Link Of Cullman County. We are building community (partnering with others) with the main focus of breaking the cycle of poverty in Cullman County. We are doing what we believe God has given us a vision to do in way of implementing educational programs that will help people's lives be transformed and moved from a state of dependency to self-sufficiency. To make that happen, we need money to support us. The good news is that I am not asking you for cash...just to vote for us:
People's Bank of North Alabama is running a FB Charity Drive Contest where you can vote once a day for a charity of your choice to win cash to support their cause. The Link of Cullman County is one of 35 that made it into the Top 10 which we means will receive a minimum of $2500. Your vote can help us get to the Top 3 to win the Grand Prize of $11,666!!

 Please click on this site to vote once every 24 hours through Aug. 8, 2012:

And then share it with your friends. Your vote can make the difference! Remember you can vote once a day in a 24 hour period until August 8th. Spread the word and let's break the cycle of poverty in Cullman!

 To learn more about The Link Of Cullman County, Like us on Facebook.

 You can also Follow us on Twitter at @linkingcullman.



Dawn said...

Cindy, thanks for the blog post! This is AWESOME! So glad God brought you our way.

Cindy said...

Thanks to all who voted! We did place in the top 3 and received a sizeable donation! God bless you all!!!