Sunday, December 4, 2011

Tyler Corie

Tyler Corie is outstanding in his role of Stephen Miller in Pathlight Entertainment's Beyond The Farthest Star. Stephen is attracted to the new girl at school who is very different than the other girls in his small Texas town. His interest in Anne Wells (Cherami Leigh), and his close friendships with troubled teen Kyle (Shawn Roe), and sweetly naive Clifford (Jordan Walker Ross) sets Stephen apart as someone very special in my mind. He appears to be the kind, funny, compassionate, loyal friend that everyone needs...or should be to others.

Cherami Leigh talks about Tyler Corie on Vimeo:

Other projects that Tyler has been involved in are Mad Bad, Dear Jane, Carried Away, Brotherhood, and Friday Night Lights. It is going to be very exciting to watch as his career takes off and begin to soar! Also, check out this great clip as Tom Huckabee and the cast of "Carried Away" invade the Red Carpet Crash interview suite to talk about the production of Huckabee's family-centric comedy:

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  Part 27 in a series on the cast of Beyond The Farthest Star.
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