Sunday, December 4, 2011

Todd Terry

Todd Terry stars in Beyond The Farthest Star as Adam Wells. If you are not (yet) a fan of BTFS, the synopsis is: Adam was an international phenomenon as a preacher during his childhood, but is now having to live in relative obscurity in a tiny church. He and his wife (Renee' O'Connor) are barely going through the motions in their marriage, and his daughter (Cherami Leigh) is filled with seething rebellion against her father. When a former senator (Andrew Prine) sets fire to the town's nativity display, Adam grabs this chance to once again make a name for himself. However, the publicity also reveals long-buried secrets that threaten to expose and destroy Adam's family. Adam must choose the best path to follow, and his decision makes a major impact. To watch a video of Todd speaking about his role, click on here.

 Todd has previously worked with writer/director Andy Librizzi in the short film, Still Born, and actually won the award for Best Actor for that role at the 168 Film Project in 2009.Todd has had numerous roles on television, including series ( Walker, Texas Ranger, Friday Night Lights), movies (Still Holding On: The Legend Of Cadillac Jack, Final Witness) and mini-series (A Woman Of Independent Means). Todd's film roles include Arlington Road, Lonely Hearts, and Emma's Wish (written and directed by BTFS's Carolyn Hodge). Todd recently was in a short film that I absolutely love; It is a teeny bit gory, but hilarious!! If you enjoy zombies, vampires, etc., you have to check out the horror/comedy The Code!! To watch it, click here!
And, I loved seeing Todd in a hilarious clip called Shallow Small Group. It pertains to Bible Study Groups, but if you are in any type of support/study group, I think you can relate to this.

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Static with Elise Baughman, Morgan Alana Taylor, Todd Terry, and JuliAnna Briscoe.

Take A Hike stars Todd Terry and Taylor Brandt and was the winner of Best Comedy and Best Comedy Screenplay at the 2012
168 Film Festival.

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