Saturday, January 10, 2015

Roadmap Genesis

Roadmap Genesis is a faith-based film documentary that explains how the Biblical Book of Genesis is a roadmap to how to live a productive life and is as relevant today as it was at the time it was written.

Filmmaker Nolan Lebovitz had already found Hollywood success when his film, Tortured (Laurence Fishbourne, James Cromwell), became a hit. When he married and became a father, though, his perspective on the message he wanted his life to present began to change. While pursuing a calling to become a rabbi, he had an epiphany about the relevance of Genesis in the lives of people and wanted to share this discovery with others. His experience with and passion for filmmaking was the obvious choice.

Lebovitz traveled across the United States interviewing experts and public figures, as well as "man in the street" questions to get an overall feel of the importance others place on the first book of the Bible and its significance today. Some of the more well known people interviewed are Governor Mike Huckabee, Rabbi David Wolpe, Alan Dershowitz, Cardinal Francis George, and Ken Ham.

This is a very well made documentary from the technical aspects and from the material content. Genesis is a book that is rich in stories and relationships with God and with others. The points Lebovitz discusses cover a wide range of topics that continue to impact our lives today: racism, environment, family, faith, relationships with others and our relationship with God. His interviews, ranging from devout believers to skeptics and scoffers, made this a far more interesting film than one which only presented one viewpoint. There is a wealth of material to draw from in Genesis, but Lebovitz has made a general film demonstrating how we can learn much from Genesis and apply it to our lives.

I enjoyed watching this on my own, but also believe it would make a great DVD to use for a Bible Study group. Many people today believe the Bible is outdated or merely an old-fashioned rule book that has become meaningless, and this documentary could be just the conversation starter needed to help others explore the whys and hows of using the Bible as a roadmap. What better place to start than, "In the beginning..."? You can get a copy of your own by clicking here to order.

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Disclosure: I saw a prescreening of Roadmap Genesis through the division of BuzzPlant in exchange for my honest opinion.

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