Sunday, April 23, 2017


Blissfully unaware that Atlantica Flight 1945 from Atlanta to Amsterdam is about to make aviation history, First Officer Danny McSweeney (Dustin McKamie)focuses his energies on navigating the turbulent personalities of an eccentric female captain (Cindy Hanska), a co-pilot (Brett Bower) with a talent for tactless comments and conspiracy theories, and a lead flight attendant (Laurie Cummings) with an out-sized  attitude that definitely exceeds the limits for carry-on baggage. On the other side of the cockpit door, the unscheduled in-flight entertainment includes a potbellied pig, a jittery diamond courier (Sean Gutteridge), and the recently jilted Lucy Meredith (Torey Byrne), whose personal mantra of "What Would Oprah Do?" will be challenged by the sudden appearance of her ex and his new traveling partner. On her left sits Hank Hazard (Will Crown, whose unusually polite but constant requests-prompted by his covert role as a spy for the airline-test the limits of the crew's customer service. But as Lucy and the rest of the crew discover, Hank's odd behavior is linked to a quiet faith that may play a key role in the fate of everyone on board. Especially when an unexpected traveler (Rob Gallavan) sets this already bumpy flight on a course toward the unfriendly skies. 

My Review: More than just the obvious setting similarities, Skid, directed by (Ryan Staples Scott, is reminiscent of "Airplane." The cast of quirky characters means a movie whose sole intent was to have fun and make the audience laugh. I was a bit disappointed that there was not more of the faith element I was expecting, but that was not how it was presented. The writer, Rene Gutteridge, is one of my favorite Christian authors and I love the characters she creates; she definitely kept me equally amused in the movie. I thought all of the actors were very good in their roles. Of course, I am always delighted to see Torry Martin in anything! I also enjoyed Tarah Sparks as potbellied pig owner, Anna Sue Givens. Bottom line, this movie is more in the slapstick comedy genre, so grab the popcorn, settle down on the couch, and enjoy the laughter. Sometimes you just need to suspend reality, relax, and have fun! 

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