Sunday, November 20, 2016

Gift of Music

Christian artist Lindsay Huggins knows the joy of music. Having grown up in a musical family, she always desired to build a career around performing. So when she moved to Nashville after high school, no one was surprised. What started as a dream to be in the spotlight soon shifted and took on a deeper meaning, and for the past seven years, Lindsay has been traveling the country sharing the Good News of the Gospel through song.

Music has been a large part of Lindsay’s life. She grew up singing and performing in church with her parents and sister and with other peers. While her focus has mainly been vocal music, she studied piano and flute during her youth. She met Craig at Trevecca Nazarene University when they were placed on the same music ministry team. He also played trumpet and bass guitar through college and was the sound technician for the vocal group. After graduation Lindsay jokingly says she decided to keep the sound guy, and they were married. Craig continues to use his musical gifts as part of their ministry together. And as tradition would have it, their four year old son has discovered his love for any instrument he can get his hands on.

Seeing that spark of joy in her son stirred something in Lindsay. Knowing the undeniable positivity that music provides, she had an idea to do something bigger than just singing concerts. She wanted to impact students in her community with the gift of music, specifically the chance to learn and perform music of their own. With almost any extra curricular activity, there are costs associated, and the school band is no different. There’s a monthly rental commitment, adding a new line item in the family budget, and depending on the instrument, numerous accessories to ensure the proper function and performance. Lindsay hoped she could lessen that burden for students who were longing for the same musical experiences she had, but were limited by finances. She began to formulate a way to make that happen.

After approaching the board of directors of her non-profit organization, Lindsay Huggins Ministries, she reached out to the band director at the local middle school and inquired about students who might not be able to afford participation in the band program. It seemed like perfect timing - God’s timing - when applications from families immediately came in. With a few phone calls and the signing of instrument leases, Lindsay Huggins Ministries was able to provide rental instruments and starter packs to the first music scholarship recipients in September.

They were thrilled to have instruments in hand, and were ready to jump into their new musical adventure. “When I mentioned that I hoped they would fall in love with music and want to continue their study beyond just the first year, one girl beamed with her trumpet in hand, ‘I’m going to be in band all the way through high school. I’m so excited!’”

The benefits of music are widely recognized, ranging from emotional connection, to language development, and even mathematical concepts using in engineering. Lindsay knows firsthand that music speaks to people, as it was a song that spurred her to make a leap in her person journey of faith and accept salvation in Christ at age 13. She also knows the thrill of using music to communicate to others, and hopes that these young students might find joy and expression in their music as well. 

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