Thursday, November 3, 2016

66 Ways God Loves You ~ Jennifer Rothschild

The Bible is a book that is actually 66 books in one volume. It contains history, poetry, instruction, but it is also God's love letter to his people. In 66 Ways God Loves You, Jennifer Rothschild goes book by book as she walks with you through the 66 letters from God. 

  • In Genesis God Fashions Me With His Hands
  • In Proverbs God Offers Me Wisdom More Precious Than Rubies
  • In Revelation God Receives Me as His Beloved and Treasured Bride
Those are just 3 examples of how God speaks to His people through His Word. Rothschild gives a short reading that sums up each book, along with Scripture that brings a deeper understanding. Using only a couple of pages for each book, this is a wonderful small devotional to use daily or to use as you read through the Bible. You can begin each book with this concise overview to gain a better understanding of what the Author is saying.

I love it! It is a small book, but it contains a powerful message of God's love for us. It's great that it also reminds me of a favorite song: "He Is" by Aaron Jeoffrey! This book has the same impact, letting me know the different ways God reveals Himself to me. Whether it is used as a reminder, a reassurance or balm to a broken spirit, I highly recommend this. It is also a wonderful gift for a friend or yourself. Definitely 5 stars.

Many thanks to Icon Media Group for providing me with a copy of this book at no cost to myself. I was not required to give a positive review.

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