Friday, April 15, 2016

Saved By Grace DVD

Saved By Grace, starring Joey Lawrence as Rick, is the story of a former police officer who is still coping with the aftermath of the day his life was irrevocably changed. Released due to medical issues, Sam Jenkins (Michael Joiner) has Rick's wife held hostage to make Rick suffer for the part he played in Sam's imprisonment. During the ensuing struggle, his wife is killed, and Rick sustains an injury that disables him. Leaving his young son with the child's grandmother, Rick sinks deeper into despondency.

The story begins 5 years later when Rick is contemplating a dramatic course of action to ease his pain. But when a chance encounter with a persistent woman named Grace (Catalina Rodriguez) interrupts his plans, he is slowly drawn to open up and share his own feelings as she shares her life story with him. As the day progresses, Rick begins to re-evaluate his life and realize that he is the one who abandoned his family and faith.

Wonderful storytelling and great acting are the reason I always enjoy any film Johnny Remo makes, and this one is no exception. Of course I am more familiar with Joey Lawrence as a child star, but the promise shown then is certainly displayed in his portrayal of Rick. Both he and Catalina give believable performances as people who have faced tragedy, albeit they are at different places with how they handled it. The way they relate to one another and provide support the other needs is gradually, but naturally played out without seeming forced.

Muse Watson and Michael Joiner have smaller roles in the film, but both have powerful performances that definitely stand out. Both have made choices and gone through bad experiences, but demonstrate that attitude determines what you do with your past. Overall, the movie is a story of hope despite despair and that healing is possible when you turn to God. I really enjoyed this one.

Most recently the Spotlight Movie at the Oxford (MS) Film Festival, Skipstone Pictures latest release, Saved By Grace, also stars Muse Watson, Candice Barley and Christopher Michael. Johnny Remo directed, produced, and co-wrote the screenplay. Lance Bachelder and KennethLemm also co-wrote this story which shares that God has a purpose and plan for all things that happened.

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