Monday, February 1, 2016

Jesus Helps Me - Graham Blanchard

"Jesus Helps Me" offers four levels of exploration: a quoted Bible passage (John 12:44-47), supporting captions that relate the passage to a child’s life, thinking questions to personalize the experience and colorful, full page photographs. Also included is a tip section for parents on how to use the book with a baby, toddler, and child.

The book is a Learn book in the well-received Learn, Absorb and Praise™ Collection, which makes personal Bible studies accessible to young children. Alongside adults, the series helps kids build a foundation for faith and a lifelong friendship with Jesus. 

My Review:This board book is sturdily built to be suitable for a preschooler, and has words to help build a strong faith. The concept of what is written may be difficult for a young child who takes things literally to completely comprehend, yet they build a basic foundation for faith to grow. There are simple words that a young reader can help share the story. And a longer paragraph that an adult can use to lead a discussion that ties in with both words and the photos of various birds that beautifully illustrate the book. Once again author Callie Grant & illustrator Missi Jay have created a wonderful book I can hardly wait to share with my great-grandkids.

I received this book free of charge from Shelton Interactive in exchange for my honest review.

Graham Blanchard: Christian Children's Books
Callie Grant
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Missi Jay

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