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Providence movie
Love Needs No Words... The tagline of the upcoming film, Providence, is more than just a figure of speech. It is also an apt description of this feature length silent film that relies on action and music to tell a story of a search for love that lasted four decades. 

Providence tells the story of Rachel Cartwright and Mitchell Little whose lives touch at many times over the years, but misunderstandings and other interests pull them apart each time. The roles of Rachel and Mitchell are played by are shared of different actors: Emily Knapp and Chase Anderson as young Rachel and Mitchell, Stacey Bradshaw and Josh Allen as the teens versions, and Juli Tapken and Rich Swingle as adults. Each keep the characters true to form which makes the transition throughout the decades believable. All involved with the film are great, but I do want to say that Irene Santiago, as Rachel's mom, gives a remarkable performance. Several recognizable faces from the Christian film industry are in this, including an enthusiastic cameo by Jenn Gotzon.


Writer/director Sharon Wilharm, and her husband Fred (who produces, edits, and films) have collaborated on several movies and videos, and this is not their first silent film project. The Good Book is an hour long silent drama which follows a single Bible as it is shared from one person to another, and the impact its words have on each person who receives it. A single Bible is also a key factor in Providence.

Rachel receives a Bible from her beloved grandmother as a Christmas present, but her mom donates it to a thrift store. That Bible is the only book Mitchell can afford, so he becomes the new owner. Rachel's loss leads her to looking for love and acceptance with the popular crowd, while Mitchell becomes a follower of Christ. They have several encounters in high school that lead to a closer relationship, but that breaks off as they both go in different directions with their lives. Even when they met again as adults, it was mostly brief encounters that never lasted, until they finally realized that they were truly meant to be together after all...and for always. I have heard this story compared to Christ awaiting His Bride (the church) to prepare herself and to Abraham waiting for his promised son. The 40 years also remind me of Moses leading his people out of Egypt to the Promised Land. Since there is no dialogue, each person will probably fill in the silence with their own words and come to their own comparisons.

There are a couple of times when some of the acting may be a little over the top, but overall, this is a well made film that truly does get it's message out without saying a word. And, I definitely want to commend whoever selected the music! The eclectic blend suited my personal taste and provided a perfect background for the action and I loved the score by Sean O'Bryan Smith. The music in the movie is often my favorite part, and he did a great job with it.

See Providence at an AMC Theater near you starting February 12, 2016.

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