Monday, March 23, 2015

10 Steps To Your F.I.T.: Faith Inspired Transformation

One of the most photographed fitness models in America is speaking out about the one thing that took her from overweight in her 30s to the cover of the top fitness magazines in her 40s, and the answer may surprise many: it was her faith in God.

Dolan Leto is now passionate about helping other women experience their own faith-inspired transformations that affect their physical, mental and spiritual wellness. To do so, she wrote the book 10 Steps to your F.I.T: Faith Inspired Transformation. This book guides women through every aspect of living a whole, healthy life, from diet and exercise to forming healthy thought processes about your body, and finding your true identity in Christ. Dolan Leto encourages readers to stop focusing on societal pressures to fit a certain standard and begin focusing on understanding what God says about faith, fitness and self worth. (publisher)

My Review: Kim Dolan Leto is a fitness expert, speaker, and author who chose to make some changes in life to lose weight and become more healthy. She has an approach that incorporates both healthy food decisions and spending time with God to create a balance that nourishes the body and the spirit. The book is divided into 10 different chapters, each with great ideas and strategies to transform your lifestyle and eating patterns, as well as inspirational Scripture and lessons to be learned and encouraged with as you progress. There were suggestions, especially for an early morning "Power Hour" that really resonated with me. I'm not in the habit yet, but I confess that my days do seem to go much better when I heed these suggestions.

Questions at the end of the chapters help one to put it all into perspective, and made me think that keeping a journal of progress, and even setbacks, would be a great way to see my progress and to pinpoint areas that need a bit more work. Her common sense approach, combined with practical advice and spiritual inclusion truly do make this approach to finding a healthy body, mind, and spirit doable, no matter where your starting point is.

I received this book at no cost to myself from Shelton Interactive in exchange for a fair and honest review.

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