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Raising A Princess by John Croyle

Raising a Princess: Eight Essential Virtues To Teach Your Daughter by John Croyle

So many little girls dream of being a princess, but former Alabama defensive back, John Croyle, has further defined exactly what qualities it takes to raise your little girl to be more than just a fairy tale princess, but to truly be a princess---a daughter of the King. Croyle, founder of the Big Oak Boys Ranch in Southside, AL, and Big Oak Girls Ranch in Springville, Alabama, uses the example found in Proverbs 31 to raise girls to become strong, courageous, compassionate young women.

Croyle, through the acronym P.R.I.N.C.E.S.S, says there are 8 virtues to remember and practice for raising your daughter.

Praiseworthiness – A princess understands she is worthy of praise simply because she is made in the image of God.

Righteousness – She lives according to God’s normal, not the world’s normal.

Initiative – A princess makes good things happen.

Nurture – God built into girls and women an instinct for nurture that boys and men simply don’t have in the same way.

Character – A girl of character knows what her deepest desires are and chooses accordingly.

Empowerment – Your princess needs to understand life isn’t just something that happens to her. She has the power to choose.

Servant-Heartedness – A princess finds purpose not in being served, but serving others.

Stability – As stability is provided for daughters, they will grow into the kind of people who help create stability for others.

Although the book is written primarily toward men, the book absolutely can be used by women, too. The importance is in raising your daughter to be the confident, compassionate person she is cable of becoming. Croyle and his wife, Tee, are the parents of a daughter and a son, but also have 40 years experience in helping to raise abused and neglected children and repair the damage done to them by others, usually their parents.

Each child who moves to one of the ranches is told 4 things during their initial meeting with "Mr. John":
1. I love you.
2. I’ll never lie to you. 
3. I’ll stick with you until you’re grown. 
4. There are boundaries; don’t cross them.

Building the trust of a child is just the initial step  From there, he and the house parents make the above principles a part of teaching a girl that she is of value to herself, to others, and to God. This book was filled with wisdom that a parent can use to instill confidence and build trust with their child. You won't raise a perfect child---no one can make that promise---but I have heard numerous success stories of children that had gone through unimaginable lives and these practical and godly principles made the difference. You will want to go through this one with a highlighter! It was all good, but several things just made me stop and want to soak in the words I had read. This is the perfect gift for anyone who will have a part in raising a little girl. 


Disclaimer: I received this book free from Shelton Interactive. I was not required to write a positive review and the opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255 : “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”

PS: I have never read this book, The Two-Minute Drill to Manhood: A Proven Game Plan for Raising Sons, but several years ago I heard John preach on the topic before it became the book. Using the acronym M.A.N.H.O.O.D., I have never forgotten his words:

If you are raising a son, get this book too!!

John Croyle was an All-American defensive end at the University of Alabama during a renowned title run under Coach Paul “Bear” Bryant. Croyle declined a career in the National Football League and instead went on to found and develop the Big Oak Ranch for Boys. Over the next few decades they worked to start the Girls’ Ranch as well as the Westbrook Christian School. He and his wife, Tee, together have raised hundreds of young men and women, including their daughter and Big Oak child care director, Reagan Croyle Phillips, as well as their son and former NFL Quarterback, Brodie Croyle. For more information, please visit

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