Monday, April 7, 2014

Place In Purpose - Kathryn C. Lang

Have you ever wondered why you are here or what to do with that why? A Place in Purpose offers the tips and suggestions that will help you uncover your answers to these questions and others. Once you know your why, what, how and when then you will be in a position to being living boldly in a life outside the ordinary and expected results of "the box."

Author Kathryn Lang knows God has a purpose for each of us, and she wants to help others find their own place withing that purpose. Divided into 8 chapters, there are 2 devoted to each of the 4 questions that will enable you to discover yours. Beginning with WHY?, you get the easy answers. God created us to have relationships with Him and with others. The next 2 questions---WHAT? & HOW? are based more on the individual and Lang helps guide you through the process, ending with WHEN? 

In each chapter she provides a set of keys to help you unlock the answers so you can discover your place in His purpose. The book is an easy read and filled with anecdotal stories that will make you laugh, touch your heart, and make you think. For those who like to take notes in margins, it could use a bit more space, but a notebook will suffice. While outstanding as a personal resource, I could definitely see using the book as part of a small group curriculum also. If you like practical advice and relatable stories, I recommend you try this book.

Author Bio: Award winning author Kathryn C. Lang, winner of the nation's first Tourism Fiction SELTI award, lets life infuse her creative spirit with stories of possibilities. She works through her columns, articles, books and workshops. Her personal hope is that every person who encounters her words will feel as if those words were written (or spoken) just for her or him.

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Disclaimer: I received a copy of this product at no cost to myself for the purpose of writing a review for CWA. All opinions are my own.

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