Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Her Whole Self by Tracy Wainwright

Abandoned by the two most important people in her life – her fiancé and best friend - Jen flounders as she picks up the pieces of her life. Desperation prompts her to reach out to an old classmate, who regrettably is a Christian. Is a night of free entertainment worth the cost of spending it with a group of hypocrites? The answer to that question surprises her almost as the next several upheavals in her life.
This story is a lot like a fairytale, but that is a good thing. Sometimes you just want to relax and read a story that has a happy ending. Not everything was resolved, but that helped to keep the story more grounded in reality. I loved watching Jen's belief and trust in the Lord grow steadily to a nearly 180 degree turnabout from beginning to end. I have been through times in my own life when all seemed to go wrong at once, so I can certainly relate to the story, just as I have also been a recipient of God's provision. If you are a fan of Christian fiction, this is an enjoyable book to read. 4.5 stars.

I was provided with a copy by the author for review purposes. All opinions are my own.

Tracy Wainwright is the director of the Abundant Life Conference for Women, a Stonecroft Ministries speaker, and has been published in several magazines. She’s also a wife and homeschooling mama of four. Her Whole Self is Tracy’s debut novel.Visit her Facebook page at Author Tracy Wainwright

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