Saturday, March 23, 2013

The Amazing Grace

 The Amazing Grace is a 2006 Nigerian-British historical film based on the song written by John Newton. Nick Moran, who plays the lead role of John Newton, is one of the writers. Jeta Amata directed, produced, and was a writer. This is the story of British slave trader John Newton's voyage to West Africa and the events that inspired him to write the world's most popular hymn, Amazing Grace. Also stars Scott Cleverdon, Mbong Amata, Fred Amata and Joke Silva. It was filmed in Nigeria.

 If you watch more than just the trailer, you have wasted your my opinion. I can allow a little bit of leeway and fiction in historical dramas...but this is ridiculous! I checked out a few reviews who mentioned that this was the story from the slaves POV and that caught my attention; I love to see things from another angle. But this film consistently portrayed the song "Amazing Grace" being inspired from a song the Africans were singing and that is a lie. The words may have been inspired by John Newton's time spent in slave trade, but I found no evidence from any resource I checked that the melody originated in Africa. The cinematography and acting weren't the worse I've seen, but not good enough for me to suggest you simply enjoy the film as a highly fictionalized bio. This is a film I hope to forget.

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