Friday, March 15, 2013

Suing The Devil

Suing The Devil is a Christian legal thriller/parody that provides both some thought-provoking moments and lots of humor. Due to a series of events that did not turn out as he hoped, frustrated law student Luke O'Brien (Bart Bronson) has had all he can handle! Based on the premise that he is responsible for all of the world's evils, Luke decides to sue Satan for 8 trillion dollars. Against all odds, the devil (Malcolm McDowell) shows up... with a full team of the most capable lawyers money can buy. The team of lawyers are reminiscent of the OJ Simpson trial, and the news panel discussing this trial in-depth (& nonstop) can be seen on any cable news channel, but it gives a feeling of authenticity. There is no doubt that a trial like this would be given world-wide, round-the-clock coverage.
The entire world watches intently to see who will win this unimaginable court battle. Will justice prevail and overcome evil? feeling of authenticity.

There are uneven spots, especially with some of the acting, but Malcolm McDowell's performance as Satan makes this a film well worth watching. It is a very humorous portrayal, yet it makes it easier to see how insidious the devil really is and how attractive sin can be packaged. It has a more evangelical approach than some of the other faith-based films, but can appeal to a wide variety of people. Truth is presented in the film, and that can be controversial to some. I am a Christian, so I look at the message in this movie from the POV of a believer. There are other faith-based movies that may appeal more to a wider audience, I did enjoy watching the film...but would be hesitant to share it with friends who are not believers.

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