Sunday, March 17, 2013

In The Blink Of An Eye

In The Blink Of An Eye is a combination of an end-times film and Groundhog's Day. Two detectives manage to talk a man suspected of criminal activity into inviting them and their wives for a weekend vacation aboard his yacht after thwarting the kidnapping of the man's girlfriend. David (David A. R. White) and Lori (Andrea Logan White) have a fight since David considers this less a vacation, and more of an investigation after he gets a call from his boss (Eric Roberts) saying that the kidnapper and the boyfriend were seen in a photo together. The other couple ( Lonnie Colon, Anise Fuller) are Christians, and when approached following their argument, Sue explains to Lori about Jesus and how He can give her the peace she needs. Lori asks God into her life and becomes saved.

The next day the 2 couples go to visit an island, but each pair then goes to spend some time alone together. Lori tries telling David about her new relationship with Jesus, but the rapture occurs...leaving David alone on the island. The others aboard the yacht are very suspicious of what he is saying and angry confrontations begin. Yet, the day keeps getting replayed with slight changes each time. The film was directed by Michael Sinclair.

 Honestly, I was a bit skeptical going into the film, but each time the day was repeated, the plan of salvation was made a bit more clearer. I liked the way that many misunderstandings and questions were answered as David realized the truth and tried to understand why he had been left behind. This is good for those who are seeking to understand Christian beliefs better.

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