Friday, March 29, 2013

Apostle Peter & The Last Supper

Apostle Peter And The Last Supper is a family friendly biblical story of  that tells the story of Jesus through the eyes of His disciple, Peter. The film begins in Rome. AD 67 at the Mamertine Prison when the Romans take custody of a famous criminal. He is Simon Peter of Galilee---apostle, disciple, and the personal friend of Jesus (Bruce Marchiano), also called The Christ. Knowing that he will soon be put to death, the elderly Peter (Robert Loggia) spends his remaining time telling the story of his life from his first encounter with Jesus when he was a simple fisherman to becoming known as one of the boldest figures in all of Christianity. His focus is on the night Jesus is arrested, the reaction of all of the disciples, and the resurrection of our Lord. His words make an unforgettable impression on his jailers (Laurence FullerDavid Kallaway) as they slowly turn from disbelief to faith.

This is actually a fairly good film. I rarely find one that simply follows the Bible and tells the story as it is written, and this one is another that takes a few liberties with the story...but not enough to have me screaming at the television. (There's a reason I prefer to watch films alone. LOL! I'm not always a passive viewer.) What I liked was the scenes, especially during the passover meal, as several of the disciples are questioning---in their own minds---if he will be the one to betray Jesus through a character flaw. So, while there are things that irk me a bit (the extremely clean foot that gets washed, for example), it also made the real story come more alive as I watched the interaction between these men and Jesus. Of course, Bruce Marchiano's portrayal of Jesus is outstanding, as always.

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