Friday, March 22, 2013

A Man Called Peter

Richard Todd delivers a thoroughly winning performance as Peter Marshall, the Scottish-born minister who became Chaplain of the U.S. Senate. While still a boy, Peter wants only to go to sea. But as a young man he experiences a profound awakening which leaves him with the unwavering conviction that he has been called upon to do the Lord's work. He completes his religious training in the United States, where he presides over several congregations. A compelling speaker who believes religion should be fun, Marshall inspires young people to renew their interest in the church, and his ministries prosper. Eventually, he becomes pastor of the prestigious Church of the Presidents, in Washington D.C. and is asked to serve as spiritual guide for the Senate. Co-starring Jean Peters as Marshall's devoted wife, Catherine, "A Man Called Peter" is the deeply moving tale of "a man and his close friendship with God"- (Amazon)

This 1955 film on the life of Peter Marshall is based on the biography written by his widow, Catherine (most famously known for Christy). I remember seeing this film as a child and have watched it several times as an adult. This is an interesting Bio-pic of a man who was one of the best known pastors in America in the 30s & 40s. What impresses me the most, is not so much the look of the film, but the fact that Dr. Marshall's sermons are just as fresh and inspiring today as they were when he initially preached them. This is a film well worth watching just to hear snippets of what he said to say. This is a film that should not be overlooked.


I couldn't find my favorite from the film, but here is a link to several of his quotes.

*just as a side note. I love the irony of the dvd cover featuring Richard Todd (as Peter) wearing a clerical collar. One of the more humorous scenes was his adamant refusal to wear one.

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