Monday, January 28, 2013

Meant To Be

When 20-year old Nathan Burr (Bradley Dorsey) loses his career and his girlfriend, he questions his purpose in life. Compounding his struggle, Nathan grew up in a foster home and never met his birth mother. Nathan sets out on a quest to find his mother and somehow come to terms with her rejection of him. His journey begins by flying to the city where he was born. Upon his arrival, Nathan checks into a hotel and meets Mave (Della Reese) the hotel's housekeeper. Encouraged by Mave's wisdom and the help of a hotel guest, Shelly, (Kristen Renton) Nathan finds the address of his mother, Linda Dixon (Erika Eleniak). Linda is a social worker who agonizes over the decision she made with Nathan 20 years ago. In an effort to admonish the guilt of giving up her son, Linda is caught up in the life of a teenage mother, Tori (Erin Sossoman) who is conflicted by the decision to abort her baby... 

 My Opinion: Meant To Be is a pro-life film, but one with a twist. I admit that I can be the biggest critic of films that have scenes that I think are illogical, but it's easier for me to grant a bit of leeway with films that aren't meant to accurately portray reality. So I did have a few qualms in the beginning with why the husband (Dean Cain) seemed so harsh and other little things that seemed odd. However, the message of the story was so powerful that it made me more forgiving of what I initially considered flaws. I felt the writers of the film (Bradley Dorsey, Lori Marett, and Marshal Younger) were very effective in asking the viewer to pause and consider her actions. I recommend this film, especially to teens, in hopes they will think before they do something that will always stay with them...and consider their options. It also has a strong message to others who protest from the sidelines, but do no more.

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