Monday, January 7, 2013

BTFS 2013

What are the viewers saying? ..."Intense." "Riveting." "Raw Emotion." "Forgiveness." "Powerful." "Honest." "Hard-Hitting." "Real Life." "No Boundaries." "Today." "Gut-Wrenching Truth." "Genuine." "Perfect." "Twists and Turns." "Unexpected." "Hits Home!"

Those are just a few comments made by audience members who have seen a preview screening of Beyond The Farthest Star. Watch the video for a few of their reactions:

I remember seeing a clip from the first screening of the rough draft and a critic said he got so caught up in the film that he forgot he was there to critique it. That said a lot to me. I always need to see a film twice because the first time I watch one, I miss parts due to distractions and wishing I could ask the director, "WHAT were you thinking when you made THAT decision?" (As a side note, one reason I love dvd commentaries is because my questions sometimes get answered. Sometimes I revise my opinion, sometimes I still dislike what I saw.) Telling me a film made you cry is telling me nothing unless you also tell me why it made you cry. So, I am always happy to see comments other than "tear jerker".

There was also an announcement made that actor/producer Benjamin Dane will be part of a panel of filmmakers that includes
Christopher Shawn Shaw, Sean Johnson Jr., and LaMarcus Tinker. This online event will be hosted by Tommy Kendrick (actor and host of Actors Talk) on Wednesday, January 16th at 9P CST. Fans will have opportunity to Live Chat and ask questions about BTFS and other projects the panelists are working on.

 Look for a new BTFS website, new art and the film's release in 2013! It will all kickoff with a countdown to the trailer reveal on the redesigned website in the coming weeks. You can also check out the fan page for any photos, videos, music, etc. that they revisited as a look back at 2012 in a nearly week-long 6 Days of 12 event. I know I have talked about this film (and book) quite a bit in recent months, but with this new year, I can only quote from their page: "NOW, it gets exciting!"

Here are several places you can check out Beyond The Farthest Star for yourself:

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Like the pages...and join in the anticipation of a film many are looking forward to seeing. Andrew Librizzi has written a story that caught my imagination from the moment I first read about the film and I truly cannot wait to see what is BEYOND THE FARTHEST STAR!

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