Wednesday, August 29, 2012

More Questions Than Answers by Eleanor Shepherd

Eleanor Shepherd's More Questions Than Answers is a 3 part book that explores the different areas that are vital to making our faith relevant to those who are wanting to know more about our faith in Jesus Christ. We too often simply give off neatly packaged answers that don't even satisfy ourselves, much less someone who is seeking God. Ms Shepherd just into more depth in developing a habit of really listening to people, sharing our faith, and being willing to walk along with another as they are going on their spiritual journey to God.

You don't have to read the 3 sections in the order they are written, but that is how I chose to read the book. Part One is about The Listening Process. Many of us probably think we are much better listeners than we actually are; I know I am guilty too many times of formulating my response while the other person is still speaking. Yet, I also know how often all I want is for someone to listen to what I am saying. This is certainly an area I need to do for others as I would like for them to do for me. There was excellent advice included on becoming a better listener.

Part Two is Discovering And Sharing Faith and Part Three is The Source. I admit that the line between these sections were a bit more difficult for me to separate. All three sections flowed, but the last 2 seemed more closely related. Several valid points were made about our expectations of others to see things the way we think they should...and at the pace we want them to get there. I did like her phrasing of "spiritual accompaniment" and the idea that we may not be meant to walk beside each person for the entire spiritual journey. And I loved the reminder that God loves and values all humans, and not just the ones who love Him. Each person deserves to be treated with dignity and respect, and none of us are perfect.

In the following video, Moira Brown shares the story of Eleanor Shepherd and her family in the book "More Questions than Answers" :

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