Monday, August 27, 2012

I Am Gabriel

Gavin Casalegno
I am Gabriel is the story about Promise, Texas---a town that no longer seems to hold out a promise of hope to the people who live there. With the economy failing and teens just waiting to grow up and move out, the town is slowly dying and discouragement is rampant. The current drought only adds to the misery of the inhabitants who feel as parched within their souls as the soil  that cries out for refreshment.

Things begin to change though when Joe and Ellen Murphy (Carey ScottElise Baughman) find a child in the middle of nowhere. The sudden appearance of this mysterious boy (Gavin Casalegno) soon stirs up controversy through the miracles that occur and his message to the town: there is no hope without Christ, and Promise can only be remade through earnest communion with the Father.

Dean Cain/ Jenn Gotzon
As these miracles begin to occur, the town embraces the boy and begin to grow hopeful, but not all trust what is happening. The town's sheriff, Brody (Dean Cain), is shocked when he hears news reporter Monroe (Jenn Gotzon) on the phone with Frank Pierce (Benjamin Dane), telling him about what is happening in the town. Monroe is trying to impress Frank and get a story on Gabe. Brody, however, just wants to find out who the boy is and keep his town under control.

Benjamin Dane, Elise Baugman, Gavin Casalegno, Jenn Gotzon
Of course, speculation on the boy's identity and reason for showing up in Promise continue to rise with each unexplained miracle. When Frank comes to town to see the boy for himself, and determine if this will make a good cover story, he is stunned to witness one of the miracles right in front of him. The town becomes more divided: Some believe he is heaven-sent, and others believe he is a false prophet. Other skeptics claim he is simply a runaway. However, with the death of the beloved town doctor (John Schneider),  it is time for a showdown and for the boy to reveal who he is.

Mom's Cafe
Btw, I want to make a special mention of the song in the trailer. It is "Streets Of Broken Promise by Jenna Vitalone. I love it!

Another interesting note, is this movie was filmed in Justin, Texas due to a "chance" (I say, it's a God-thing) encounter between Mike and the co-owner of Mom's Cafe . Read all about it in

Mike Norris and stars of I am Gabriel

Directed and written by Mike Norris (with Kaci Hill and based on an original story by Neal Odom),  I am…Gabriel is a lesson in connecting with those that really matter, the importance of prayer, and touches on why bad things happen to good people. This film is most certainly in the faith-based/redemptive category, but these are themes that are sure to resonate with any audience.

Cast of "I Am Gabriel" rally for a photo — with Becky Davis Turner, Carey Scott, Mike Norris, Benjamin Dane, Dean Cain, Rebekah Kennedy, Larry Jack Dotson, Lynette Elliot, Stephanie Peterson, Elise Baughman, Jenn Gotzon, Gretta Norris, and Gavin Casalegno

(My apologies to the 4 people I could not identify. If I find out, I will add their names.)

This film is distributed by Echolight Studios.

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You can purchase a copy on at several locations including and Amazon.
At the time I originally wrote this, I had not seen the film, so it was merely a general write-up. However, I now have a copy of my own and I really liked it. As a Christian, I felt it was a great reminder that we are to have a relationship with God, and that we can communicate with Him through prayer. Also, a reminder that no matter how dismal our situation may seem, God will NEVER leave nor forsake us. It is directed more toward believers, in my opinion, but we need good films to watch. Great story of hope and faith.

Jon and Michael
Added note: Since this is part of my series on films featuring Jenn Gotzon, I want to add a side note on Michael Gardner (pictured on the right with fellow I am...Gabriel cast member Jon Yowell). Michael has mentioned several times that Jenn encouraged him greatly on the set and impacted his decision to get serious about his acting. He has referred to Jenn as his inspiration for pursuing his dream.
Read Michael's story by clicking on his name.


Lori LC said...

This looks like a really good movie. where can I see it?
Lori LC

Cindy said...

You can see it at home, Lori. It is out on dvd tomorrow. (8/28)

Not sure if it is available to rent; I need to check into that myself. But it is for sale on Amazon, CBD, and other sources.

Cindy said...

If you'd like to meet some of the cast and crew of I Am Gabriel, the recently released movie starring Dean Cain and John Schneider, come to Mom's Cafe in Justin, TX on Saturday, Oct. 6th from 6-10pm!

Anonymous said...

is there any other place, because i live in new york and i cant go to texas!

Cindy said...

That is the only cast event like that I know of, but can you get to Pennsylvania next weekend? The movie is playing Oct 14, 2pm at The Roxy Theater in Northampton, Pennsylvania followed by a Q & A "Faith in Hollywood" with Jenn Gotzon!

Ada Cutsinger said...

What was cause of death on Doc? Does anyone know?

Cindy Navarro said...

Ada Cutsinger, I don't believe the cause was ever directly stated. I remember wondering myself. Since someone "borrowed" my copy last year, I can't check.