Monday, July 30, 2012

Marriage Retreat "Special Edition"

Marriage Retreat "Special Edition" is an emsemble cast film that focuses on 3 couples who are each at a breaking point in their marriages, but too consumed in their own needs to recognize their faults. Mark and Claire Bowman (David A. R. WhiteAndrea Logan White) are fighting because Claire wants a baby, and Mark most emphatically does not. James and Donna Harlow (Matthew Florida, Anna Zielinski) are not accustomed to trusting God, and Donna's growing fear of losing James is causing her not to trust him, either. Bobby and Melody Castle (Tommy Blaze, Caroline Choi) are now struggling financially as Bobby gambles on risky ventures to get rich quick. The love and laughter is fading in each of the marriages as they grow further apart.

 When their pastor (Reginald VelJohnson) invites the leaders of a marriage retreat, Craig and Katrina Sullivan (Jeff Fahey, Victoria Jackson), as guest speakers, they invite those who want to remake their marriage to sign up for their sessions at their country retreat. These 6 friends see this as an opportunity for a weekend getaway to relax...and to let their spouses 'finally learn how to show them some respect'. Will this road lead them back to the ONE they love?

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I was so excited to get the opportunity to preview this film. I am a fan of Pure Flix films and this one looked very good. Marriage Retreat: Special Edition has already moved onto my favorites list! There were moments of just sheer fun and genuine laughter as I watched this film, along with a few scenes that did bring tears to my eyes. Each issue the couples face may not be one you have dealt with, but there is sure to be something that resonates with the viewer. This isn't a film strictly for couples; I am no longer married, but there were things that caused me to think about my relationship with God and others in my life. I loved the music in the film and felt it went along wonderfully with the plot. A scene that featured a character by the brilliantly funny Brad Stine is pure pleasure to watch. However, there is also a theme that is symbolized that really spoke to me, but I don't want to give away any spoilers. The couples and the situations they were dealing with are relevant for today, and it taught a lesson while entertaining. Downloadable Bible Study Guides are also available to enrich your experience. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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