Thursday, December 8, 2011

William McNamara

William McNamara is cast in the role of Calvin Clayman in Beyond The Farthest Star . Calvin is an old high school friend of Adam and Maureen Wells (Todd TerryRenee' O'Connor) who shows up in Leonard when the media spotlight is shining on this small Texas town. He has a secret about the Wells family that threatens to widen the rift in their marriage. Money can't be the issue, since Adam has such a small congregation. What is his motive? Calvin is the character that has puzzled me the most, so looking forward to watching it unfold when this dynamic film hits the theaters!!

Best known for his riveting performance as psychotic Peter Foley in the movie Copycat, Billy has over 65 film and television roles to his credit. Some of the TV programs he has appeared in are Island Son, Doing Time On Maple Drive , Beyond The Break , and Nightmares and Dreamscapes: From The Stories Of Stephen King. Some of the other notable films he has appeared in are Opera , A Dance For Bethany , Ringmaster , and the upcoming Risk For Honor .

 Take a look at Billy's acting demo (some graphic scenes and language) below:

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