Saturday, December 3, 2011

Stephanie Dunnam

Stephanie Dunnam is the epitome of the no-nonsense, long-suffering, overworked, underpaid, and unappreciated teacher in Beyond The Farthest Star. Mrs. Harper, the English teacher, is appalled when Anne (Cherami Leigh) reads a poem in class that has disturbing imagery. Bristling with indignation, she marches into the Principal's (John McIntosh) office and demands he take immediate action before Leonard High School becomes the next target of a mindless school shooting.

I am really intrigued by this scenario. While there is no doubt that school violence has increased, some officials are too paranoid and have very rigid views of what is considered normal parameters of acceptable behavior. Is Mrs. Harper over-reacting...or is she correct to report this as worthy of investigation? Can't wait to see this!!

 Although she is an extremely talented and experienced stage actress, Stephanie is primarily known for her work in television and the list of credits is impressive! Her appearances include roles in Emerald Point N.A.S., Dynasty, Frasier, ER, and Boston Public. Stephanie is an incredible character actress, and she sure to be a delight to watch in BTFS. Make sure you check out this wonderful monologue reel I found:

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Anonymous said...

Tremendous acting by Stephanie Dunnam !

Anonymous said...

Superb acting by Ms Dunnam.

Ms Darling said...

Very intriguing performances by Ms Dunnam. The first audition was thoroughly eye captivating. Ms Darling.

William H lovelace said...

This woman should be a major star. Her dramatic performance is superb. It is second to none