Friday, December 2, 2011

Shawn Roe

Shawn Roe, in the role of the troubled son of an abusive father, threatens Anne Wells (Cherami Leigh) when his best friend Stephen (Tyler Corie) develops an interest in her. Swearing that she isn't going to steal his band or his best friend, Kyle adds fuel to the flames of rumor spreading through town about the new "Goth" girl who just moved to Leonard. As the town "bad boy" in Beyond The Farthest Star, Shawn brings this brooding character a level of intensity that is stunning.

It's hard to believe that this is Shawn's first feature movie. His previous experience has been in commercials, music videos, student films, and as a print model. Shawn also co-starred onstage in “Dawn of the Vampire”, and has credits for appearing in iGod and Pineapple Express. His current project is The Dead Mile.

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Part 24 in a series on the cast of Beyond The Farthest Star.
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