Friday, December 2, 2011

Shane Shuma

Shane Shuma is a young Texas actor who is just starting his career, but is sure to go far. His role in Beyond The Farthest Star is that of Stephen Miller (Tyler Corie) as a child. Although there are no lines in this particular role, his part is pivotal. He is featured in a photograph that illustrates a friendship that goes back many years when a strong bond was first formed. Stephen and Kyle have been friends~closer than many brothers~ for many years, but now the arrival of Anne Wells is driving a wedge between them. This snapshot of an idyllic moment is a treasured possession of one of the characters.

Shane (and his twin sister, Samantha) is in the short film Knife, and in an episode of Lone Star. He has also made appearances on television, theatre, videos, and commercials Watch this short clip of Shane below:

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