Saturday, December 10, 2011

The Power Of A Pawn

The Power Of A Pawn is going to be a MUST-HAVE for any aficionado of mystery/suspense/legal thriller genres! Author Paul Spite has been developing quite an avid fan base as we eagerly awaited the first book in his The Game Of Life series. The wait is over....and it was worth every moment!!

Synopsis: Amanda has been accused of a heinous crime. Her only defense is that she simply doesn't remember committing the crime. Her attorney, Samuel, desperately tries to help her, but has few clues to unravel this mystery. As this case becomes national news, the media and the court of public opinion combine to use Amanda as simply a pawn for their own agenda.

This is one of my favorite types of fiction and I love to find a author who knows how to weave the elements into a believable and gripping tale. Paul is a master storyteller! Just when the pace has picked up to a breath-taking moment, Paul would reveal yet another layer or element to the tale. Also, there are a variety of viewpoints expressed by the groups vying for attention during Amanda's trial and subsequent imprisonment. Suspenseful, provocative, intelligent, timely, entertaining...these are just a few adjectives to describe this contemporary novel that I will give a 5 out of 5 stars!

Remember that The Power Of A Pawn is only the first in a series of six books. Keep up-to-date on the rest of this series by clicking the LIKE button on the following links:
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Available as an eBook at SmashWords beginning December 16, 2011. Make sure you get YOUR copy!!


deborah_seeley said...

What a fantasical review!!! I can't wait for the movie!!! And the next book!!!!

Unknown said...

Great review, but with the material we had available to read, any review should be great. Looking forward to wonderful posts on the fan page as we learn how this book reachs the public and the further moves in the lives of characters introduced here who are seen again in Knight Moves.

Debra Brown said...

Great review! Can't wait until I have the time to sit and read the book "cover to cover". These books would make great gits for my phydoubirthdays,anniversary,Mothers Day,etc. If any of my family or friends get the hint.