Monday, December 12, 2011

Nearing Home by Billy Graham

 NEARING HOME: Life, Faith and Finishing Well is the recent memoir by Billy Graham. Reflecting back over his 93 years, Rev. Graham writes in a manner that is filled with both wit and wisdom. Not only does he give accounts of some of the elders of the Bible, and the way God used them in spite of their age, but he also shares that there is always some way God can and will continue to use any who make themselves available. 

Naturally, there are areas of his ministry that he wishes he could continue to participate in, but his focus is not on regrets. Rightfully so, he does encourage those who are younger to prepare for their approaching older age, but also to do your best service to God where you are at now. As he approaches his final days on earth, his main focus is to finish well the journey he began many years ago.

  Nearing Home is an interesting, reflective, encouraging look at his past and present that also speaks of his hope for his future. It is written in a conversational style that is very well done! I recommend this for people of all ages; even if you are in your early adulthood, it is always wise to listen and learn life lessons from those who have lead the way.

To read an excerpt from this book, click here.

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