Friday, December 9, 2011

Beyond The Farthest Star novel review

Beyond The Farthest Star is the latest release from the prolific, multi-award winning team of Bodie and Brock Thoene. Known primarily for their carefully researched historical fiction, they have proven they are equally skilled in a contemporary setting. Based on the original screenplay by Andrew Librizzi, Beyond The Farthest Star is an insightful, mesmerizing story that centers on the Wells family. Adam, Maureen, and their teenaged daughter, Anne, are each struggling with internal demons that are destroying their family. Once a world-renowned preacher, this move to the small town of Leonard, Texas, is Adam's last hope of restoring his dream of living up to the approval he craves, but instead brings mounting tensions, revealed secrets, and an unexpected confrontation that leads to the ultimate sacrifice.

From the beginning, I was able to "get into the skin" of each character in the book and understand a bit of what he or she was feeling. The conflict between people and their inner turmoil jumps off the page in a way that has tremendous impact. The entire book is filled with universal themes that speak to all people and effectively weaves the idea that there is hope in spite of physical or emotional scars.The humanity of each person is revealed in a way which is a fresh and unique with genuine, even raw emotions. Ultimately this is a richly layered story with an honest portrayal of transformation and restoration. However, there is so much more, and it is hard to pinpoint just one aspect. BTFS is an amazing story that will hold the interest of those who like a variety of genres. Elements of suspense, romance, and political intrigue are presented in an escalating tension that intensifies to an explosive climax, and, ultimately, to a satisfying conclusion. This engrossing novel, with multi-dimensional characters is a story of how the choices we make affect the lives of those around us, and how buried lies may destroy us. Even days after reading the book, the story and characters have remained vivid. For me, a good book is one that I hate to see end and this one fits that criteria. I am also eagerly anticipating seeing this story and the characters come to life on the big screen when the film, Beyond The Farthest Star, is released in theaters in 2012.

I received a free copy of this of this product from the publisher. I was not required to give a favorable review.


BenjaminDane said...

What an amazing look at the story of Beyond The Farthest Star! Cindy, you have captured the depth of the story and its multi-layered characters. I have read a few other reviews of the novel, but most will be published in January. The funny thing is... Andy nor I have even read the novel yet. SERIOUSLY! Now, I am even more excited about reading it as this inspired film comes to life on the printed page. In speaking with celebrated authors, Bodie and Brock Thoene, I do know the novel goes deeper with some characters. I know the film will be unforgettable, after reading your review of the novel, I believe it will be as well!!

Cindy said...

Seems only fair that I got to read the novel first...since I haven't seen the film!! (Yes, I realize I am just a fan, and have to wait like everyone else! Doesn't mean I have to like it, though. LOL!! I think you and Andy will love what Bodie and Brock have done with the story.

Reading the novel has only made me even more excited about seeing the film!!

(I know! No one will believe I can get MORE excited!!)

mjcos1 said...

Excellent Review Cindy, short yet concise, about all my brain can handle. Thanks for pointing me to a great story!

Carolyn said...

Can't hardly wait for the book....or the film!!