Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Selma Pinkard

Selma Pinkard brings a lot of life to the role as the secretary of the First Church of Leonard, TX, in Beyond The Farthest Star! Margaret Collier is a feisty, opinionated, God-fearing, no-nonsense type of woman who is not afraid to speak her mind. When Senator Cutter (Andrew Prine) burns the town's nativity, Margaret is very vocal in her view of him and the attorney (Andrew Sensenig) who represents him...and who she thinks they both represent. If it is the Lord's work, or church business, Margaret believes it is also her business to speak and know the details...much to Adam's (Todd Terry) chagrin.

Selma has appeared in a variety of roles and her talent  and effervescent  personality clearly shines on the screen. Some of the TV & films she has been affiliated with are Space, Creepshow III, State's Evidence, ER, Lost (the movie), The 23rd Psalm, and Vipaka.  Other works include stage and commercials as well as being a casting assistant for movie and music videos.
Click the link to take a look at some of her appearances: Selma Pinkard Demo Reel.

Of course, you must see Selma as the fantastic "Margaret" on BTFS! Also, learn more about this Pathlight Entertainment film at!

Part 21 in a series on the cast of Beyond The Farthest Star.
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