Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Sandy Baumann

Sandy Baumann  is seen in flashback scenes as the mother of the child Adam Wells (Jaren Lewison), the "Miracle Preaching Boy" in Beyond The Farthest Star. Married to a very overbearing man who is determined that his son will be molded in the image of his own making, Mrs. Well is the very quiet type with a loving, gentle influence in Adam's life. Sadly, Mrs. Wells passes away when Adam is still quite young.

Sandy is a bilingual actor, producer, and writer who has appeared in several stage and screen productions. She interned with the DFW Film Commission and later became the first female "cameraman" for the Spanish KUVN TV station on the TV show "Buenos Dias, Dallas, Ft. Worth". She has made appearances on Walker, Texas Ranger and Homicide Hunter: Lt Joe Kenda, as well as other television roles. Her films include The Killer's Reprieve, Justice On The Border, and The Fandango Sisters, Sandy also acted in, wrote, and produced Billy Mean Pipes.

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