Monday, November 28, 2011

Renee' O'Connor

Renee' O'Connor gives a stellar performance in the lead role of Maureen Wells in Beyond The Farthest Star. This film, due to be released theatrically in 2012, is the story of a father desperate to connect with his goth daughter and regain the love of his wife. Renee gives a compelling performance as a wife and mother who loves her family, but feels that she has merely become an extension of her husband's ministry and a mediator between her husband and their troubled daughter, Anne.

Haunted by the secrets and lies of the past and in despair over the current turmoil in her family, Maureen sinks further into a life of quiet desperation. Renee' provides just the right balance of a woman who deeply loves her family, but is also shutting them and the rest of the world out. Maureen Wells feels her role is to be the peacemaker of the family, but no longer feels peace within herself. You will certainly be moved by Renee's portrayal of a woman who is emotionally fragile, yet has the strength and resolve to do what is best for the ones she loves.

Watch this BTFS Cast Interview with Renee' O'Connor: to hear what Renee' has to say about her work on Beyond The Farthest Star.

In a recent interview, Renee described the BTFS story and complex characters who live in it out, "It’s emotionally charged and it’s meant to challenge the people who watch the film." To read the whole Star Scoop interview click here. 

This Texas born actress had several roles on television, but it was her role in Darkman II: The Return of Durant that brought her to the character that made Renee' an international star. As Gabrielle in XENA: Warrior Princess, Renee and Lucy Lawless (Xena) captured the hearts of fans around the world. Millions of fans still adore both the actors themselves and the characters, as evidenced in popular Xena Cons. Unfortunately, 2012 is scheduled to be the final Xena Con, but for more info on how you can be a part click on this link for Creation Entertainment.

Actor/Writer/Producer/Director Renee' O'Connor has gone on to be involved in other TV & film projects, including Alien Apocalypse, Diamonds and Guns, Ark, and is in pre-production of A State Of Hate. Renee' is also actively involved in Awareness seminars. You can learn more about those at iAmAware and on Ms. O'Connor is aso involved in charities: The Alisa Ann Ruch Burn Foundation, The Renee' O'Connor Outreach Fund, and the Richstone Family Center. To find out more about this fascinating, talented, compassionate, family woman, check out the links below:

BTFS producer, Benjamin Dane (pictured on the right with Renee during the filming of Beyond The Farthest Star in Leonard, Texas), had a chance to meet Renee' for lunch several months ago while they were both in Santa Monica, CA. This was the first opportunity the two of them had since filming was complete to discuss their work on this movie that is sure to appeal to many for a myriad of reasons. To watch the video and hear Renee's thoughts on this powerful and poignant film, simply click  Renee and Ben discuss BTFS.
EXCITING NEW DEVELOPMENT!!!!! I just received permission to make this announcement!!
From producer, Benjamin Dane : "Look for the upcoming "TEE CHATS" with the main cast of BTFS. Renee, and the other stars, will chat with the fans in weeks to come... stay tuned to the BTFS FB wall"

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