Saturday, November 26, 2011

LeeAnne Locken

 Without a line of dialogue, LeeAnne Locken's character of Candace Cutter ignites a firestorm in Beyond The Farthest Star's tiny Texas community which resolves in a visually-unique and inspired portrait of mercy. Originally from Leonard, Texas, the Cutters are the town's most prominent citizens. When the much younger wife of Senator John Cutter (Andrew Prine) makes a life changing decision, this is the catalyst to drive him to extreme measures.

This was a difficult role for any actress as she is the driving force for much discussion in the story and appears at key moments but she actually has no lines. LeeAnne had to embody this character and convey deep emotion to the audience without saying a word. LeAnne's ability to do this is brilliant.

LeeAnne was born and raised in Texas, but moved to Chicago to pursue a modelling career. While living in Los Angeles, she developed an interest in acting and has worked in commercials, hosting and film.
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LeeAnne has now settled in Dallas and is very involved with the local chapter of Women In Film. She is also supportive of Paws In The City , a 501C3 all volunteer, no-kill organization. They are committed to ending the overpopulation, abuse, neglect of Dallas area dogs and cats. The goal is that every adoptable dog and cat get a loving home.
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