Thursday, November 24, 2011

Kevin Keating

 Kevin Keating   has the small, but crucial role as the manager of the motel that is part of a powerful scene. In a pivotal plot point, the motel manager reveals the whereabouts of one of the central characters in the story.

Producer, Benjamin Dane, shared some background info with me about the motel scene: "We located this motel actually in the city of Dallas. Shooting for three consecutive weeks in Leonard, we moved the production to this historic motel for three days. Most shooting, including the scene with the actor playing the hotel manager, were shot during all night sessions. It was a complicated shoot and represents some of the most intense scenes in the film."

 To learn more about Dallas, TX actor, Kevin Keating, check him out at:

You can also find Beyond The farthest Star on IMDb at

  Part 15 in a series on the cast of Beyond The Farthest Star.
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