Monday, November 21, 2011

Jodie Moore

Jodie Moore is cast in BTFS  as Jackson Tucker, the abusive father of troubled teen, Kyle (Shawn Roe). I want to give an enormous THANK YOU to Jodie for giving me his own insights to the character he portrayed!!

"Things happen to people in life that shape the way they act, see, & do. I think that most people will not like Jackson Tucker as he is immediately misunderstood in his intentions. A tenacious hard man: heartbroken, old school, and ornery come to mind. A heavy-handed disciplinarian who drinks a bit too much, with a talented adolescent son who is much like his father: Confrontational, confused and just trying to work things out the best way they can. Those who see this, hopefully, will realize the importance of counting to 10 before responding with pure emotion because of the power of words. That isn't always easy and we have all been guilty." ~ Jodie Moore

 I also asked Jodie about another project I have been following with interest. Once again, he graciously gave me more than I expected: "I just finished principal photography on a film titled "Suburbanite" with writer-director Andrew Lohrenz and  Ron Gonzalez as DP  (both part of our BTFS crew), and with the very talented Joe Nemmers,  Frank MosleyMax Hartman and Susana Gibb. I play Mack, another troubled individual caught up in the moment of trials and tribulations. Be sure to keep an eye out as the ending comes right out of the blue."

Take a look at photos from the film here and LIKE the Facebook page at Suburbanite Film, and make sure you look for it in 2012. Also, take a look at the Suburbanite trailer!

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Jodie Moore

To see Jodie as Jackson Tucker, make sure you go to Beyond The Farthest Star and let them know you want this emotionally charged film at YOUR local theater by signing up to BRING IT!
Part 12 in a series on the cast of Beyond The Farthest Star.
(*I am NOT affiliated with the film or Pathlight Entertainment. Just an appreciative fan.)

UPDATE 5/12: Learn more about what Jodie is working on at Pangaea's Dream ("Bait" -Teaser).

I saw that Jodie was recently at a screening for Bailout, and a role in the film Oldboy so looks like he is staying busy. 

I was also happy to see his name on 2 recent IMDb lists: 20 Rising Star Texas Actors  and 25 Texas Leading Men.

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