Sunday, November 28, 2010

A Walk In My Shoes (12/03/10 on NBC)

With many families reporting concern about prime-time television broadcasting content that is not suitable for their families, two key corporate sponsors have partnered to provide family-quality entertainment on a major network NEXT WEEK.  This FAMILY MOVIE NIGHT initiative is set to fill the void by providing quality, family entertainment with movies that families CAN enjoy together.

FAMILY MOVIE NIGHT, will premiere the movie, A WALK IN MY SHOES, on Fri., Dec. 3, 2010 at 7:00 pm (CST). Walmart and Proctor & Gamble have teamed to present a family-friendly drama suitable for the entire family. To learn more about the movie, I am providing both a link to the trailer and a synopsis of the movie:

A Walk In My Shoes trailer

Ever judge someone just by looking at them? Of course, we’ve all made snap judgments about people. But what if we really got to know them? How would our opinions change? And what if we were forced to become them… how would the shoes fit then? Stressed-out high school teacher Trish Fahey can’t understand her students’ lack of effort and why their parents don’t seem to care. This is especially true of Justin Kremer, a popular, skateboard-loving, basketball star who is underperforming in her class. Trish has him suspended from the team and quickly chalks up the situation as a case of bad parenting. This perspective dramatically changes when Trish meets Molly, a mysterious stranger intent on helping her see things differently. When Trish wrecks her car, Molly is there as Trish wakes to find herself living the life of Cindy Kremer, the woman she has personally judged and criticized. Trish discovers that there is often more to the story and learns a powerful lesson that affects everyone she interacts with. Her husband, her daughter, the ex-Marine next door… No one is left unchanged.

Additional information can be found out the following link:

A Walk In My Shoes

Last night I was given the opportunity to watch this movie, and I must admit that I thoroughly enjoyed it. My mind often has a tendency to wander, but this kept me fully engaged. The lesson to be learned about not judging others until you have walked in their shoes makes a powerful impact. There is also much to be learned from this film about helping those who are less fortunate than yourself. During this season when the followers of Christ are preparing to celebrate the gift of our Lord's birth, on top of just finishing a day of giving thanks for our many blessings, this is a most appropriate film.
I realize that some of my friends do not share my faith, so I do want to assure you that this film is one you will enjoy too. I believe nearly everyone will find a character they can either identify with personally...or someone they know. I highly recommend that everyone make some popcorn, gather the family, and watch this delightful family film. Parents & grandparents, I also believe this will give the perfect opportunity to open the topic of sharing with others and perhaps kickstart a plan of what your family can do this year to make a difference.......whether it be helping others or just learning to really listen to those around you.

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Enjoy the move.....and your family!! :)

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