Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Beyond the Farthest Star wants to Bring It you!

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A new concept in marketing is being utilized by my favorite filmmakers at Pathlight Entertainment LLC to promote their new film, BEYOND THE FARTHEST STAR. They are using the novel idea of letting the fans tell them when and where they want the movie to be released. The marketing areas who receive the most votes will be among the first to see the film!! In this short video, producer/actor Benjamin Dane explains the concept of BRING IT:

The whole process of signing up for BRING IT only takes about a minute and you can immediately see the result of your vote. I know thoughts of being bombarded with email and spam may cause some to hesitate, but I can assure you that it will not happen. Except for an acknowledgment of receipt, and one special preview of a video exclusively for BRING IT fans, there has been no other communications. It is free and your info stays private!! The Facebook fan page is where to go to get updates, and your involvement is up to you. I think everyone should be as excited as I am, but I realize I can be a tad intense! :) 
Go to the website and check it out for yourself!!!! You will love it!!

The more I learn about this incredible movie, the more I am convinced that it will have an impact on many lives. Please check it out for yourselves and get involved by both becoming a fan and praying for those involved in the making of this film. I hope everyone who reads this will LIKE this faith-based film, and sign up to BRING IT! I have provided links on here to both the website and to Facebook for everyone's convenience. Each vote really does make a difference!! Please sign up TODAY and help this film move BEYOND the ordinary into the extraordinary new heights!!


PS: If you just want to BRING IT to ME.....I will gladly give anyone the zip code for Cullman!! LOL! :)
This fan-driven, faith-based film is truly a MUST-SEE for me!!!!


Cindy said...

I am still having one technical glitch. When you click on the link that says LIKE on Facebook, it goes to a white page. BUT you will see in small print 'go to'. That takes you straight to where you need to be.
I actually had to unlike ~shudder~ to test it for myself. (wonder if the lights flickered in shock at the offices of Pathlight Entertainment? lol) But, I LIKE them again!! :)

Tiffany said...

I just became a fan through your blog. And I am helping to BRING IT to Cullman!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Nana!! I am already a fan!!
Everybody help BRING IT!!!!!!
(especially to Cullman)

Jason said...

I know how much this means to you! I am a fan now too!!